Saturday, November 26, 2011

My website has changed

Due to the lack of being able to update my website as often as I would like, I have decided to set up this blog for all of those who would like to look me up and my work.
I am still building custom flint locks during the days that I am off work of my full time job, and EMT. They both keep me busy, but I guess if I was busy, I would just get in trouble.
Please be patient with me and this until I get it up and going really good. Of course, I should mention, until Eva can get it up and going really good since she is the computer and blogger.
Thanks for looking and come back soon for pictures and updates.
The Conptempary Longrifle show is coming up next month and there will be lots of pictures from there. Can't wait to get there and back to show everyone else.

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